Kick Buttowski
Kick buttowski
Kick on his walkie-talkie in "Dead's Man Drop".
Nickname(s) Dillweed (by Brad)
Clarence (full name)
Gender Male
Age 12[1]
Parents Harold and Denise Buttowski
Sibling(s) Brad (brother)
Brianna (sister)
Friend(s) Gunther
First Appeared "Dead's Man Drop"
"Ah, biscuits"[2]

Clarence "Kick" Francis Buttowski[3], being called Dillweed by Brad and Brianna[4]. is a 12-year-old[1] an amateur, thrill-seeking often reckless daredevil. His dreams is to be the world's biggest daredevil. He is a tough, small male child. He also has a obnoxious big brother named Brad Buttowski, a spoiled sister named Brianna Buttowski, and a friend named Gunther Magnuson. He also has a presidential fan named Jackie, who is the new resident of Mellowbrook. He first appears in "Dead Man's Drop".

Early lifeEdit

Not known is about Kick's early life. Clarence Buttowski was most likely born sometime in 1998 in Mellowbrook. That time Brad was 7 years old. It is possible if the date of Kick's birth is revealed. Kick was 3-years-old when Brianna was born in 2001. It is also unknown if Kick started dreaming to be a daredevil.



Main article: Gunther Magnuson

Gunther trying to cheer Kick up.

Gunther is Kick's best friend. In Dead Man's Drop, Brad calls Kick's stunts "lame", but Gunther said that if his stunts is lame then Kick is lame. Then said "Brad" in a singsong voice. In Stumped, Kick tries to make Gunther drink Cheetah chug to get the key for Billy Stumps. At the end of the episode, Gunther said that Kick is naked. Billy said he just has to get his moment. In If Books Could Kill, Gunther accidentally got Kick's book to the library. In Kicked Out, After performing another dangerous stunt and falls off a cliff with Gunther, Gunther and Kick tries to get their an "awesome" hangout when Brad and his friends takes over it. In Knocked Out, Gunther accidentally knocks him out before launching his career in a talent show. Gunther and his family decides to move back to "Old Country" when not much people eats or buys their own original food at their restaurant, FØÖD in Battle for the 'Snax. Kick and Gunther will miss each other as best friends. In Obsession: For Kick, Gunther is heart-broken when Kick and Jackie spent so much time together. In Snowpolcalypse!, Gunther and Wade helps Kick set out to rescue students stranded on a school bus on a snow day. In Runaway Recital, Kick is playing a piano with a help of Gunther riding the bike outside to make the piano move. In Drop Kick, Kick and Gunther practice with a former champion wrestler so that Kick can beat up Brad after being bullied by him. Gunther can't stand it about practicing running, punched, etc. Then he said "it's too fast, it's tooo faassttt!".

Brad ButtowskiEdit

Main article: Brad Buttowski

Kick has a annoyed, lame, bullied[5] big brother named Brad. In Dead Man's Drop, he teased Kick with his stunts and made Kick angry. In There Will Be Nachos, Kick tries to crash into Brad's party to get party nachos. In Kicked Out, Kick gets very extremely mad when Brad and his friends crashed Kick and Gunther's hangout. In Kick the Habit, Brad's lame plan was to stop Kick's stupid stunts for 24 hours or goes to military school if he fails. In Drop Kick, Kick trains with a former champion wrestler after Brad bullies him alot.


KickButtowski theme song

Kick in the theme song.

Kick often appears in every episode in the series. He is rather short and wears a signature daredevil outfit; a white jumpsuit with red stripes down the sleeves, a white helmet with a red stripe, and yellow boots and gloves.


Original kick buttowski

The original Kick "Clarance" Buttowski.

Kick "Clarence" Buttowski was originally named Francis Little. He had blue strips, stars, gloves and shoes instead of white and yellow. He also has a another original friend named Sam, but never seen in the series yet.



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